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CODERS’ KITCHEN: Kvantno računarstvo (Ema Puljak)

Have you heard about Quantum Computers but have no idea…
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Have you heard about Quantum Computers but have no idea what they are? If you what to find out what it is all about this free presentation is for you.

Ema Puljak is a Ph.D. student at CERN, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, she will explain to us what quantum computing is. This is a basic introduction and no previous knowledge is required.

After the presentation, Maurer Electronics Split will kindly provide drinks and pizza so that we can continue socializing and discussing quantum computers and other interesting topics of the day.

According to Wikipedia, a quantum computer is a computer that exploits quantum mechanical phenomena. At small scales, physical matter exhibits properties of both particles and waves, and quantum computing leverages this behavior using specialized hardware.

Classical physics cannot explain the operation of these quantum devices, and a scalable quantum computer could perform some calculations exponentially faster than any modern “classical” computer.

In particular, a large-scale quantum computer could break widely used encryption schemes and aid physicists in performing physical simulations; however, the current state of the art is largely experimental and impractical, with several obstacles to useful applications.

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